Patient Testimonials

I felt no pain.  The entire process was much easier than I expected. – Dave P. – Salt Lake City, Utah


Best Endodontist on Planet Earth!  Great, just great!  Nothing could have been improved upon.  Wonderful experience in every way.  – Robert B. – Lehi, Utah


I love this office…it is like a BIG HUG!  Bonnie C. – Sandy, Utah


I want to thank you for the excellent treatment I received last Thursday.  I have never had an easier or more efficient procedure!  Didn’t even have to take a Tylenol. Your work is terrific.  Many thanks!! – David K. – Park City, Utah


The best experience in my life. Very professional and the staff was so kind. The Dr. even called me that night to see how I was doing. I can’t say enough of the practice. I wish more providers would follow his lead. – Lola A. – SLC, Utah


I was referred to Dr. Sonnenberg by a close friend.  He is a step above the rest.  Ten minutes after meeting the Doctor, I knew I was in the right place.  He is gentle and fabulously skilled. None of this tape an x-ray to your thumb and drill until the depth matches the length of the root (regardless of where the drill actually goes), nothing is hurried.  Everything is done carefully, gently and completely.  – James C. – Salt Lake City, Utah


THE BEST!!!!! Dr. Sonnenberg was awesome.  He had to retreat a root canal that was done 10 years ago by a dentist.  He answered all my questions, he was kind and patient.  His staff was also very attentive and made the whole experience as comfortable as possible.  He even called me to make sure I was doing alright. Not his staff, he called personally.  – Kalee F. – Salt Lake City, Utah


Hello Dr. Sonnenberg.  This is Sister Yang from Taiwan.  I went to your office couple weeks ago to fix my teeth.  Thank you so much for being so nice and fix well with my teeth.  You’re a good dentist.  Thank you for your help for the Sister Missionaries on Temple Square.  I just want to say, Thank you so very very much!  非 常 谢 谢 大 家 Love, Sister Yang – Taiwan


The root canal operation did not hurt!  It was nice to get a “play-by-play” description by Dr. Sonnenberg as the procedure progressed.  The staff was GREAT!  I’m so happy to have saved my tooth. – Brooke G. – Salt Lake City, Utah


Dear Dr. Sonnenberg & staff.  Thank you for making me feel like my old self again!  I feel terrific and I can eat ice cream again!  I appreciate the kindness you all demonstrated in dealing with me…even when I locked my keys in the car!  I will miss seeing you for awhile…until the next root canal.  Dr. Sonnenberg, I can’t speak highly enough about you.  You’re just great!  Thanks again – Candace M. – Sandy, Utah


Dear Dr. Sonnenberg.  Many thanks for your expert work – what a wonderful endodontist!!  You’re the greatest!!  P.S. Enjoy the Chocolates.  They’re good for the heart.  LaVon – Salt Lake City, Utah


I had no idea a root canal could be done with such care and expertise.  Dr. Sonnenberg is extremely consultative and is genuinely concerned for you and your teeth.  He is very nice, and very thorough throughout the entire process.  – Weston M. – Draper, Utah


Dear Dr. Sonnenberg & staff.  Thank you for making me feel like my old self again!  I feel terrific and I can eat ice cream again!  I appreciate the kindness you all demonstrated in dealing with me…even when I locked my keys in the car!  I will miss seeing you for awhile…until the next root canal.  Dr. Sonnenberg, I can’t speak highly enough about you.  You’re just great!  Thanks again – Candace M. – Sandy, Utah

No longer afraid of root canals!!!  To start off I was overly anxious at the thought of having a root canal. As soon as I stepped into their office I was greeted with a warm hello and a friendly face.  His assistant was cheerful and friendly allowing me to be not as nervous.  Dr. Sonnenberg was very thorough with the exam.  He answered all my questions and explained exactly what would be done.  I didn’t even feel the shot that was given.  I was completely comfortable through the whole procedure.  The whole experience could not have gone better.  I sincerely recommend Dr. Sonnenberg to anyone who is need of a root canal, especially if you are less than thrilled about the thought.  Thank you!  – Andrea R. – Sandy, Utah


Great Salt Lake City Dentist for Root Canals.  He has performed 2 of my root canals and to tell you the truth, I’d rather have him do another Root Canal than get a filling from a regular dentist.  He was very thorough and he loved answering my questions.  After my consultation with him, I knew I was in good hands.  Dr. Brent Sonnenberg is the best dentist in Salt Lake City for root canals.  – Lee M. – Draper, Utah


I procrastinated this procedure afraid of the pain others have shared.  It was nothing like I anticipated.  The root canal was better than I ever expected with little to no pain. – Jennifer H. – West Jordan, Utah

Thank you for getting me in so quickly!  The staff was wonderful.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Sonnenberg. – Jacquelyn C. – South Jordan, Utah


I had a very nice experience with both Dr. Sonnenberg and his office/assistant.  My tooth is doing well and has healed nicely.  I would definitely recommend this doctor to others.  Thank you! – Erin Y. – Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Dr.  Thanks for
checking up on me last night.  I feel great, no pain at all, feels like I
didn’t even have anything done.  You are
the best, thank you so so much.  My tooth
looks great and I feel like I can smile now. 
I can’t tell you how much that means to me and my family.  I am very happy I had the opportunity to meet you and your staff.  You guys are great.  I have already told all my family and friends
how amazing you are.

Creeston G. – Sandy,  Utah

Dear Dr. Sonnenberg. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me!  It’s nice to have friends in “High Places.”  Thank you again for your kindness. – Amy S. – Salt Lake City, Utah Brent – Thank you for taking such fine care of my daughter, Amy!  She’s doing well – no problems – you did a great job! – Dr. David S. – Salt Lake City, Utah    Dear Dr. “S” – Thank you so much for your kind concern & wonderful care of Amy.  How lucky we are to have you!  Thanks again – Debbie S. – Salt Lake City, Utah

Dr. Sonnenberg is incredible. I would welcome having another root canal by him.  Think about that…who in their right mind would say something like that?!  Dr. Sonnenberg is truly that good.  He is humble, accommodating, and must belong to the top-percentile of compassionate professionals.  Once you have worked with him you will compare all other experiences to his standard of care – which is hands down the very best. – Christopher E., Sandy, Utah

Dear Uncle Brent, I really appreciate all that you did for me.  What a relief on my tooth! It’s not much fun having a toothache.  Thank you so much for going out of your way to help me out.  Love, Denise W. – Orem, Utah


From the time I was about eight and broke both of my front teeth, I’ve had a whirl with dentists. Without a question if you are recommended for a root canal by your dentist – please go to an endodontist for the procedure.  I don’t know what else to say about having a root canal other than, it’s just not a big deal.  By the doctor’s gentle actions and calming tone, I was assured that I had chosen the perfect endodontist!  I had absolutely no ounce of fear.  There was virtually no pain (just a few tiny pinches) and I was comfortably rocking to the fun music selections piped into the overhead.  As he worked on one of my teeth, he continuously used a powerful microscope.  I knew his comprehensive methods were what I would always look for in the qualities of one working in such a highly specialized dental field.  So the next time you need a root canal, I highly recommend this professional, Dr. Brent C. Sonnenberg, DDS, MS. You won’t be sorry.  – Jan. L. – Salt Lake City, Utah


If you need a root canal, see a specialist (an endodontist). Dr. Sonnenberg and his staff are excellent. I took my father, who is a cancer patient, to Dr. Sonnenberg. Due to my dad’s chemo, he has a number of nagging ailments, one of which prevented him from opening his mouth very wide. Dr. Sonnenberg was very professional, explaining every step of the process. He was very accommodating to my dad’s condition both in terms of the procedure and scheduling. And my dad said that the procedure itself was pain free. Dr. Sonnenberg and his staff laid out the options, the costs, and his opinion on what should be done now versus later and was very honest and upfront about it. No pressure to do the most expensive options and do them right away. He truly cares for the well being of his patients. – A Google user

Dr. Sonnenberg.  Have the merriest Christmas ever.  Thanks so much for taking care of a painful situation! – Christy D. – Park City, Utah

I was referred to Dr. Sonnnenberg by my dentist in SLC. He recommended that I get my root canal done by a specialist. I have now had 2 root canals by Dr. Sonnenberg and I am so glad I had gone to an endodontist  to get them done. I have been to a regular dentist before, to have root canals done, and the difference is night and day. I highly recommend you to go to Dr. Sonnenberg to get your work done. He has a state of the art office that allows me to be completely involved in the process. He even spent extra time to ensure all my questions have been answered. If you need a root canal, go see a dentist that specializes in root canals. Go see Dr. Sonnenberg. – A Google user

Brent. You saved my bacon!  Thank you so much for fixing my tooth.  I very much appreciate your generosity as well as your professionalism.  Let’s keep in touch about creative video/promotion ideas for your office. – Jeff D. – Sandy, Utah

Dr. Sonnenberg,  You are my Super Hero!  Thank you for sticking with it and pulling off the miracle.  I appreciate you and your great staff.  Thank you!  Thank you! – Lisa C., West Jordan, Utah